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Pre Heater Plus

Pearson Heating Systems Pre Heater Plus utilizes hot exhaust gases from a direct fired water heater to preheat the make up water before entering the water tank to increase water heater efficiency or increase the overall volume of the heater. It also circulates water from the storage tank to the pre heater every time the burner fires. This process transfers even more BTUs from the exhaust to the water, raising the overall efficiency of the system, reducing fuel costs. 

Typical results from this system are 20 -30 degree temperature rise of the incoming water before it enters the tank. Burner run time is reduced by this pre heated water entering the tank. Exhaust gas temperatures are reduced by at least 225 degrees resulting in a 15% increase in burner efficiency. BTU rating of the heaters can be as much as 840,000 BTU per hour. Actual BTU rating will vary with burner model and flow rates. 

The Pearson Heating Pre Heater Plus is constructed of a " carbon steel shell with a 304 stainless steel coil inside. The shell is covered with 3.5" insulation and an aluminum skin. Use of the stainless coils allows our system to work at higher exhaust temperatures and is less likely to clog than competitors units. Our system is built in-house and designed for use in the concrete industry. The Pre Heater Plus can be ordered on any new Pearson Heating System, retro fitted on an existing system or installed on a competitors unit. 

Included with the system:

  • Insulated heat exchanger with stainless steel coils
  • Water circulation pump
  • Exhaust stack flange and bolt set
  • Thermometer
  • NEMA 4 electric control panel
  • Hoses, fittings, and valves (length to be determined)

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Pre Heater Plus

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