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Water Temperature Blending System
  • Accurately blends water to set point in seconds with an accuracy of +/-3%
  • Solid State auto-tune control in polycarbonate enclosure
  • Thermocouple temperature probe
  • Electro-pneumatic transducer
  • Air set/filter regulator
  • Two pressure gauges
  • 100' thermocouple and tranducer cables included
  • 3-way, cast iron blending valve

Pearson Exclusive Power Flame Burner
  • Lo-Fire start for smooth lightoff
  • Pulsation-free operation
  • Solid State timer controls lo-fire start
  • Switchover to hi-fire can only happen after lo-fire is approved
  • Air adjustment set for proper combustion at hi-fire
  • Pre-purge and delayed oil start
  • Factory-wired burner-mounted Control Panel eases installation
  • Patented flame retention head design allows installation with or without combustion chambers
  • Flange Mounting facilitates easy servicing
  • Operates on #2 oil, natural gas and propane
  • Oil fired burners are designed with electric ignition as standard
  • Custom combustion systems for self-installation into an existing tank also available
Digital Tank Temperature Controller
  • Remotely located with an accuracy of +/- 1
  • LED Display mounts on the burner control panel
  • Can be remotely mounted up to 300 ft from the heater
  • Operating range of 40 to 200
  • Watertight construction
  • Can be serviced/replaced without having to empty the tank
  • Standard on all Pearson hot water systems
Dual Butterfly Valve
Hydronic Space Heater
  • Terrific way to heat your building using the hot water already stored in your Pearson Hot Water system
Plant Supply Pumps
  • Stainless or cast iron horizontal design
  • 3" flange suction port
  • 3" flanged discharge port direct coupled at 300 gpm
  • 10 or 7.5 hp motor/230-460V, 3-Phase, 3500RPM
Truck Tank Fill Pumps
  • Stainless or cast iron horizontal design
  • 2" threaded suction port
  • 2" threaded discharge port
  • Direct coupled/rated at 145gpm
  • 5HP motor/230-460V, 3-Phase, 3500RPM
Other Specialty Pumps

High Volume Water Pumps, Stainless Steel Gray Water Pumps, Heat Transfer Fluid Pumps and Asphalt Transfer Pumps.


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