Pearson Exclusive Power Flame Burner
-Low Fire start for smooth lightoff
-Pulsation-free operation
-Solid State timer controls low fire start
-Switchover to high fire can only happen after low fire is approved
-Air adjustment set for proper combustion at high fire
-Pre-purge and delayed oil start
-Factory-wired burner-mounted Control Panel eases installation
-Patented flame retention head design allows installation with/without combustion chambers
-Flange Mounting facilitates easy servicing
-Operates on #2 oil, natural gas and propane
-Oil fired burners are designed with electric ignition as standard
-Custom combustion systems for self-installation into an existing tank also available
Plant Supply Pumps
-Stainless or cast iron horizontal design
-3" flange suction port
-3" flanged discharge port direct coupled at 300 gpm
-10 or 7.5 hp motor/230-460V, 3-Phase, 3500 RPM
-larger pumps available
Truck Tank Fill Pumps
-Stainless or cast iron horizontal design
-2" threaded suction port
-2" threaded discharge port
-Direct coupled/rated at 145 gpm
-5HP motor/230-460V, 3-Phase, 3500 RPM
Digital Tank Temperature Controller
-Remotely located with an accuracy of +/- 1°
-LED Display mounts on the burner control panel
-Can be remotely mounted up to 300 ft from the heater
-Operating range of 40° to 200°
-Watertight construction
-Can be serviced/replaced without having to empty the tank
-Standard on all Pearson hot water systems
Water Temperature Blending System
-Accurately blends water to set point in seconds with an accuracy of +/-3%
-Solid State auto-tune control in polycarbonate enclosure
-Thermocouple temperature probe
-Air set/filter regulator
-Two pressure gauges
-100 ft. thermocouple and tranducer cables included
-3-way, cast iron blending valve

Hydronic Space Heater
Terrific way to heat your building using the hot water already stored in your Pearson Hot Water system.
Other Specialty Pumps

High Volume Water Pumps, Stainless Steel Gray Water Pumps, Heat Transfer Fluid Pumps and Asphalt Transfer Pumps.

Preheater Plus utilizes hot exhaust gases from a direct fired water heater to preheat the make up water before entering the water tank. Comes with:
-Insulated heat exchanger with stainless steel coils
-Water circulation pump
-Exhaust stack flange and bolt set
-NEMA 4 electric control panel
-Hoses, fittings, and valves

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