Water Chillers


Air-Cooled Water Chiller Systems

Pearson Air-Cooled Water Chiller Systems are available as both stationary and mobile units with capacities from 200 to 6,000 yards per day. Pearson chillers are an easy addition to any Pearson Water Heater or other insulated storage tank. Combining our chillers and water heaters provides controlled water temperature for concrete production no matter what the season. Pearson chillers dramatically reduce production costs by eliminating the purchase, storage, and handling of ice. Pearson Systems has been selling chillers to the concrete industry for over 25 years. We have the experience to provide the right system for your needs.

Advantages/Features of Pearson Water Chillers:

  1. Compact, horizontal construction
  2. Cooling cost with a Pearson Air-Cooled Chiller as compared to ice will be substantially less, and allows greater control of water temperature and volume
  3. Diagnostic digital display and control module
  4. Ultra quiet operation
  5. Highest available operation efficiency, with full load EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) up to 10.5
  6. Field serviceable, multi-scroll, fully hermetic compressors are maintenance-free with auto-adaptive control to minimize wear, with internal/external vibration isolation
  7. Chilled water circulating pump and starter included with all units
  8. Plate and frame heat exchangers on small units, tube and shell on high capacity units
  9. Durable epoxy coated micro-channel condenser coils standard
  10. Chillers can reduce water temperature down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit
  11. Available as 460 volt or 230 volt, 3ph power
  12. Start up by a certified technician included in purchase
  13. Two year parts and labor warranty standard
  14. In-house technical support
  15. Nationwide service available
  16. All models are available as portable units
  17. Simple installation - only two water pipes and one electrical source is all that is needed
  18. Elimination of costs and liabilities that come with adding ice to the mix
  19. Precise control of water volume and temperature, resulting in a more consistent mix

Most Popular Pearson Air-Cooled Chiller Models
For cooling both batch water and aggregate

Model Number Capacity/Yds Per Day
85°F Average Ambient Temp
25 gal/yd
PH-250 200
PH-360 300
PH-420 400
PH-570 500
PH-630 600
PH-710 700
PH-900 800
PH-980 900
PH-1120 1000
PH-1230 1200
PH-1400 1300
PH-1500 1400

Contact your Pearson Area Dealer or call our main office at 410.770.4617 to help you size which system is right for you.

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