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Process Water, Waste Water, Recycled Water, and Gray Water are terms used interchangeably in the Ready Mix Concrete Industry. Management of water is a major process, not only the storage of the water but the heating and cooling of recycled water prior to its introduction back into the mix or use in other applications.

Now available for ready mix producers is the Pearson RW Storage Tank for heating/cooling recycled water - the first low-maintenance, high-efficiency method of preheating, precooling and storing recycled water before it is introduced back into the mix. Boosting output while cutting labor, equipment, and overall production costs, the RW Storage Tank series comprises a self-contained recycled water-temperature control system that provides cost-effective process water management year round.

Some benefits of the of RW Storage Tank series:

  • Vertical design frees up storage space
  • Segregating the recycled water eliminates the maintenance problems associated with circulating this water through a heater or a chiller
  • External steel jacketing to maintain a constant content temperature
  • Vessels have no internal components which minimizes the maintenance factor so common with other types of systems
  • A combination stainless steel supply and recirculating pump
  • An eductor nozzle that agitates contents to prevent solids buildup on the tank bottom
  • All vessels are completely insulated and weatherproofed and include a 30" diameter side and 24" top man-way
  • Tanks are heated with hot water or low-pressure steam and cooled with chilled water
  • Available in capacities from 5,000 gallons to 30,000 gallons
  • Optional PH Control System available

Contact your Pearson Area Dealer or Contact Pearson directly to help you size which recycled water model is right for you.



Educator Nozzle

15,000g RW-15 Tank w/P-15-20W Heater

RW-15 and P-10-20W Heater

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